Dameca AX500

As an expert in anaesthesia care, you are looking to continuously improve safety, enhance the patient outcome, and ensure compliant documentation and monitoring of all OR processes. What’s more, you also need to boost operational efficiency and streamline workflows across your department. Dameca AX500 anaesthesia machine is a comprehensive, scalable solution that helps you address these and other imperatives – both now and in the future.

Dameca AX500 is an anaesthesia solution created as a direct response to your challenges, workflows, and clinical and operational objectives. Designed with you and your patients in mind, this innovative system helps you deliver superior anaesthesia and perioperative care.

Designed with you — for you

The Dameca AX500 can be deployed as a standard anaesthesia machine or configured to include more advanced features tailored to your specific requirements – such as additional ventilation options, data logging capabilities, pendant mounting, integrated patient suction, and communication with patient monitors. What’s more, you can add functionality as and when you need to, evolving your Dameca AX500 at your own pace and in line with your facility’s growing needs.

Extensive ventilation capabilities

The Dameca AX500 delivers extensive ventilation capabilities, making it suitable for deployment with a wide range of patients – from neonates to adults. In addition to pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV) and volume-controlled ventilation (VCV), the Dameca AX500 features synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV), two supported ventilation modes (VSV, PSV), and pressure-regulated volume target (PRVT) for use with your most fragile patients.

The key advantages

  • Rich functionality and feature set
  • Modular, flexible design that grows to meet your changing needs
  • Intuitive interface for simple use
  • Small footprint for deployment in a wide range of operating environments
  • Compact vertical integrated breathing system—IBS
  • Easy to clean parts and surfaces
  • 90 minutes battery back-up
  • 15-inch colour touch screen
  • Straightforward configuration, adjustment, and monitoring of critical parameters
  • Smooth workflows for enhanced efficiency
  • Interfacing with patient monitoring systems
Dimensions (H × W × D)

1397 x 810 x 750 mm


150 kg. Standard configuration


15-inch colour touch screen

Battery backup time

90 minutes


Back-bar for two vaporisers

Integrated breathing system - IBS

Autoclavable. Volume 1 L

i-SORB CO2 absorber

Capacity 880 g. Volume (empty) 1420 mL

Tidal volume

20-1500 mL

Respiration rate

4 to 80 respirations per minute

I:E ratio

3:1 to 1:9.9


OFF, 4 to 20 hPa / cmH20 / mbar

Inspiratory pressure

4 to 67 hPa / cmH20 / mbar

AGS System

28-40 L/min

Ventilation measurements

Peak, Plateau, Mean, PEEP, Compliance

Ventilation modes

VCV, SIMV, PCV, PSV, PRVT, VSV, Manual, Spontaneous

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