Dameca MRI 508

The MRI 508 enables anesthesia to be administered in the MR room to support patient safety and comfort. It has the unique ability to withstand up to 1000 Gauss and is 3.0 Tesla approved. Tests with leading MRI scanner suppliers have confirmed that MRI diagnostic images are not affected by operating the anesthesia system, and that the anesthesia system is not affected by the MRI in operation. This saves time and space, and allows the operator to respond more quickly to patient needs.

Use in MRI room and other clinical areas. The MRI 508 features the same intuitive user interface and breathing system as our well-known Siesta i Whispa. This makes it easy to use the system as a conventional anesthesia machine in other clinical areas when not required in the MRI room. No extra training is necessary so operators can get to work right away.

Conventional breathing hoses. The 1000 Gauss rating of the Dameca MRI 508 allows the machine to be positioned so close to the magnet that the need for extra-long breathing hoses is eliminated.

Promotes patient safety

The MRI 508 has a number of built-in safety features. Improved audible and visual LED alarms allow easy monitoring from the MR operating room. The hypoxic guard function ensures at least 25% oxygen in the oxygen/nitrous oxide mix. A slave regulator cuts off nitrous oxide and sounds an audible alarm in the event of a failed oxygen supply.

A fresh-gas switch is provided between the breathing system and the auxiliary gas outlet. An oxygen flow meter is equipped with a separate outlet, including a tube nipple. Patient suction is also integrated.

The system runs an automatic self-test at start-up. It comes with a built-in backup battery to ensure continuous operation during power failure. There are no drawers on the system to eliminate the risk of magnetic materials being stored and forgotten.

The key advantages

  • Tested up to 1000 Gauss
  • 3.0 Tesla approved
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Integrated breathing system
  • Microprocessor-controlled ventilator with seven advanced ventilation modes, including PRVT*
  • 8-inch, high-resolution color display
  • High-quality safety features
  • Space-saving design
Dimensions (H x W x D)

1510 x 760 x 670 mm


110 kg

Hypoxic guard system

Total flow range: 0–20 L/min


Backbar for two Selectatec vaporizers (German or British standard) with interlock safety mechanism

Integrated breathing system (IBS)

Hanging Insp./Exp. valve flaps
Tool-free disassembly in less than sixty seconds
Fresh gas introduced after Insp. valve

Absorber capacity

900 g

Ventilation modes

VCV (volume-controlled ventilation)
PCV (pressure-controlled ventilation)
SIMV (synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation)
PSV (pressure support ventilation)
PRVT* (pressure-regulated volume target)
Manual, spontaneous

Tidal volume

20 to 1500 ml

Respiration rate

4 to 80 bpm

I:E ratio

3:1 to 1:9,9

Electronic PEEP

4 to 20 hPa (cmH2O)

Inspiratory pressure

PCV 4 to 67 hPa (cmH2O)
PSV 4 to 50 hPa (cmH2O)

AGS System

30 to 40 L/min

Ventilation measurements

Peak, Plateau, and PEEP Pressure
Patient compliance
Tidal & minute volume
Inspired O2%*
Spirometry loop*

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