Siesta i Whispa

Take a good look and you’ll be surprised by the many forward-thinking features of the Siesta i Whispa anesthesia machine.

Our ventilator compensates for changes in the fresh-gas flow and compliance in the breathing system to ensure consistent ventilation. Pressure, spirometry data, and oxygen concentration are displayed on the 8" color TFT screen.

Five ventilation modes are supported: volume-controlled ventilation (VCV), pressure­ controlled ventilation (PCV), synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV), pressure support ventilation (PSV), and pressure regulated volume target PRVT.

Protect lungs with PRVT* control. PRVT is a lung-protective ventilation mode that combines the advantages of Volume Controlled Ventilation (VCV) and Pressure Controlled Ventilation (PCV). PRVT continuously adjusts the inspiratory pressure based on the compliance and resistance of the patient’s lungs and airways, to maintain pressure at the lowest possible level while providing the preset tidal volume. This provides optimum gas exchange and
subsequent oxygenation during surgery.

* Optional

Promote patient safety

You and your patients depend on the reliability of our machines. To ensure this, the Siesta i Whispa has a number of built-in safety features. The hypoxic guard function ensures at least 25% oxygen in the oxygen/nitrous oxide mix. A slave regulator cuts off nitrous oxide and sounds an audible alarm in the event of a failed oxygen supply.

The system includes a fresh-gas switch between the breathing system and the auxiliary gas outlet. An oxygen flow meter is equipped with a separate outlet, including a tube nipple. Patient suction is also integrated.

Fast assembly of the integrated breathing system

Forget about time-consuming, multiple-tube connections between the anesthesia machine, breathing system, and patient. Our integrated breathing system (IBS) integrates an ascending bag-in-bottle, patient circuit, and CO2 absorber in one compact unit.

Setting up for a procedure is fast, and cleaning is easy. In less than sixty seconds the breathing system can be taken apart for cleaning, without any need of special tools. The foolproof design prevents reassembly errors after cleaning.

Should the CO2 absorber need replacement during a procedure, the IBS design allows for the absorber canister to be exchanged on the fly without interrupting ventilation of the patient.

Dimensions (H x W x D)

1510 x 760 x 670 mm


110 kg

Hypoxic guard system

Total flow range: 0–20 L/min


Backbar for two Selectatec vaporizers (German or British standard) with interlock safety mechanism

Integrated breathing system (IBS)

Hanging Insp./Exp. valve flaps
Tool-free disassembly in less than sixty seconds
Fresh gas introduced after Insp. valve

Absorber capacity

900 g

Ventilation modes

VCV (volume-controlled ventilation)
PCV (pressure-controlled ventilation)
SIMV (synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation)
PSV (pressure support ventilation)
PRVT* (pressure-regulated volume target)
Manual, spontaneous

Tidal volume

20 to 1500 ml

Respiration rate

4 to 80 bpm

I:E ratio

3:1 to 1:9,9

Electronic PEEP

4 to 20 hPa (cmH2O)

Inspiratory pressure

PCV 4 to 67 hPa (cmH2O)
PSV 4 to 50 hPa (cmH2O)

AGS System

30 to 40 L/min

Ventilation measurements

Peak, Plateau, and PEEP Pressure
Patient compliance
Tidal & minute volume
Inspired O2%*
Spirometry loop*

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