Nordic Sales

As of 1st of March 2020 all sales and service regarding Dameca productportfolio will be handled by our new distributor for the danish market - Medical Scandinavia. 
Among others Medical Scandinavia is represented by Kenneth Amstrup Willer who many of you allready knows. Ole Vilslev and Lars Frandsen will be joining him for handling of Sales and Service.
Medical Scandinavia handles orders and inquiries for the Dameca productportfolio for medical supplies for both human and verinary use - including products manufactured by Dameca, distributed products and services.
The anaesthesia machines and associated supplies such as CO2 absober, spirometry sets and water traps are also covered by Medical Scandinavia.

Products from Loewenstein Medical Germany, will still be handled by Dameca A/S

Medical Scandinavia can support you with interior design of operating theaters, intensive care units and wards etc., ceiling mounted pendant solutions, lamps, wall panels and a wide selection of medical supplies with clamps.

Contact us

Nordisk salg Kenneth Amstrup Willer Phone: 4085 6320
Nordisk Salg Ole Vilslev Phone: 3151 9990