Flow meters

Oxygen flow meter

1-15 L/min

Item no. 32015-00

AIR flow meter

1-16 L/min

Item no. 32015C-00

Double oxygen flow meter

2 x O2, 1-15 L/min

Item no. 32016-00

Double AIR flow meter

2 x AIR, 1-16 l/min

Item no. 32016C-00

Combined oxygen and AIR flow meter

O2 1-15 L/min
AIR 1-16 L/min

Item no. 32031-00

Change over valve for oxygen flow meter

Switch between Osupply and the moisturize unit

Item no. 32015-28

Sampling tube

Item no.

O2 0-15 L/min


AIR 0-16 L/min


Outer tube for flow meter

Item no. 32015-30
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